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October 2007

Since people have been questioning when I will be posting new patterns on my website, I am sorry to say that I will not be posting any new bracelets in the future.

Some of my patterns are posted on websites in other countries, as well as being distributed in bracelet forums.

Furthermore, I am most sorry for this annoying copyright I've had to place in each of the bracelets' pictures; yet this is the only way to keep my pictures from being copied and posted on other websites, as well as forums.

I certainly make up new patterns, but I keep them secretive until the day that the books get published, no matter how long this takes.

I have learned from this statement:

"With the internet the way it is, if you don't want someone to use your pictures, then don't put them online -- it's that simple."


January 2016

Hi everybody!

I just want to express a huge "Thank You" to all who have ordered and paid for my knot-patterns so far.

I'm sorry, it's still not possible to post new patterns at the moment. Whenever I find the time I do work on new patterns which will be published one day, it's just a matter of time.

The existing knot-patterns from 1 140 are still available.

Best wishes!